Bullfighting is a tradition of Spain. Spain’s bullfighting season is April to September. It’s possible to find bullfighting in nearly all cities on Sundays. There are also bullfighting festivals every month of year in Spain. These festivals longs for one or two week and bullfighting is making every day in these festivals.

Bullfigting festivals starts on February in Spain. Ciudad de Rodrigo is year’s first bullfigting festival. It’s in Salamanca city. It’s some different than others because young bulls are giving to public for get them involved.
In March, bullfighting festival takes place in Valencia. It’s name is Fallas festival. Festival is for giant bonfires but it’s also possible to see great bullfighting.

In April, Seville’s bullfighting festival starts. It’s a everyday bullfighting festival and lots of tourists come to Seville to see these bullfightings. It’s hard to find cheap hotel in this month in Seville so you must make reservation.

May is the Madrid’s bullfighting festival time. San Isidro festival means two week with bullfighting. In San Isidro everyday bullfighting is possible but tickets are some expensive. In may it’s also possible to watch bullfighting in Cáceres. The Ferias de Caceres is the main bullfighting festival in Caceres.

In june, Alicante hosts the bullfighting. Las Hogueras de San Juan festival means seven or eight bullfighting in a day. It’s a very crowded and funny festival for Spain.
Pamplona is the city of famous bull run. In San Fermin festival, bulls are releasing from their places to streets. People have to run from bulls. Every year millions of people coming to Pamplona for this run. The feria de Agosto in Malaga is also an important festival for bullfighting in August.

Bullfighting Festivals

Bullfighting in Spain

Bullfighting Spain

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